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About me

I have been grooming for over 14 years and have been teaching dog grooming and animal welfare for over 6 years, I have a wealth of experience and expertise within the pet industry.
I run and own The Posh Paw and understand that most owners consider their dogs to be valued members of the family and only want the best for them in every aspect of their lives. When you bring your dog to The Posh Paw for a groom or spa treatment you are trusting that we will look after them and treat them with as much love and care as you do.
This is why we offer a very different dog grooming experience.
I have been teaching, assessing and course managing for over 6 years and teaches, introductory dog grooming courses, Dog Grooming Apprenticeships, City and Guilds Dog Grooming Level 2 and City and Guilds Dog Grooming Level 3. I have also taught various Animal related courses from Level 1 Diploma in Animal Care to the Extended Diploma Level 3 in Animal Management.


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