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(Current affairs for dogs)

How a Pet Can Help if You’re Lonely, Anxious, or Depressed

Hospitals, therapists, and mental health facilities are beginning to hire a new type of employee to help patients: animals. Dogs, cats, and other ty...

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20 Christmas Dangers for Dog Owners to avoid.

Many dog owners are about to celebrate their first Christmas together with their dogs this year. Christmas is supposed to be a time full of cheer, a...

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Downsizing With Pets: Reducing Stress and Moving Smoothly

Moving for humans, says the Express, is more stressful than a divorce, relationship breakdown, or starting a new job. Unfortunately, it can be doubl...

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How to Protect Your Pet’s Health in Cooler Weather

Summer is fading away, and autumn is close on the horizon. The days grow shorter, the weather cools, and we all unpack our favorite pumpkin-themed d...

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Vets and Groomers Collaboration

Groomers and VetsWorking together for a better futureMy little Bichon Frisé Molly recently got diagnosed with Glaucoma in her left eye, the pressure ...

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What is osteoarthritis and how does it affect our dogs?

Arthritis affects 4 out of 5 dogs over 8 years old, resulting in a disabling, non-curable andprogressive disease which is a common cause of euthanasia...

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Ask our experts

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Australian Shepherd Grooming Tips Please!

Q: I'm picking up our new Australian Shepherd pup at the weekend and would like advice on what sort of brush to buy. Do I need a slicker brush, pin br...

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I Would Love A Bearded Collie

Q: I'd really like to get a Bearded Collie but I'm a bit concerned about the amount of grooming that would be required. How often would they need to g...

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Flea Free But Sore Skin

Q: I’ve recently re-homed a short-haired mongrel whose skin is in a terrible state. He was riddled with fleas when we got him and had been clearly s...

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Elderly Miniature Schnauzer

Q: I would be very grateful for advice about grooming a fourteen year old Miniature Schnauzer who has been rejected by his professional groomer becaus...

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Sensitive Skin

Answered by Stuart Simons and taken with permission from Dogs Monthly.Q: I’ve recently rehomed a short-haired mongrel whose skin is in a terrible st...

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My Dog Has Never Had a Bath

Answered by Stuart Simons and taken, with permission from Dogs Monthly.Q: I have a short-haired dog who is coming up for four years old and I must con...

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