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121 Grooming for all small to medium dogs
Spotlight Registered: 17 May 2022
Email: abigail@thekookypoodle.co.uk
Booking Line: 07821340960

About me

My name is Abigail. I share my home with 3 poodles and 1 poodle x-breed. I worked with rescue dogs for a number of years, helping to rehabilitate very traumatised dogs and move them on to their forever homes. 3 of them never left! 

By becoming a qualified groomer I could team that knowledge with the years I had spent working with rescue dogs to provide a grooming environment that was calm and low stress. I studied for and gained an IPET Level 3 Diploma with Dog & Bone Grooming. As part of this course, I also achieved my Level 3 Award in Canine First Aid. I am currently studying for my Holistic Grooming qualification with iPet. 

Working on a 121 basis whilst grooming ensures the appointment is tailored to suit your dog. They have my undivided attention and I ensure the environment is as stress free as possible. This allows me to take longer with those who may be a little nervous or haven’t been introduced to the grooming environment before.

I also offer Reiki to help dogs who struggle with anxiety or who have experienced trauma. 


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