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Firstly I'd like to introduce myself; I’m Samantha Gosney, the founder of Sam's Grooming room and Peek'a'Puppy pet scanning.
After being around animals all my life I grown great respect for them and gained a natural touch in handling and looking after them. Most young children had hobbies like sports and dancing, but my childhood was spent either up the stables or helping mam look after our tribe of dogs. Fast forward a few years, I completed BA(Hons) in Business and worked many years running hotels and restaurants, but something felt like something was missing, it never fulfilled my expectations. So I sat down and thought what I could possibly do which would allow me to use my creative skills and combined the love and passion I had for animals but fill the desire I had to run my own business. There it was staring me right in the face.
In 2015 I decided to train at my local college the basics of dog grooming. I went on to volunteer at local salons until I felt confident to set up myself. I created a small salon within my home, I always prided myself on the personal touch, customer service and shared any knowledge and advice I could, but upmost ensuring the safety and welfare of peoples beloved pets while in my care. My business grew from strength to strength.
During my first year I entered my first competition, Cymru Groom where I took 1st place in my class. In year 2 I spent a lot of time completing my OCN level 3 in Devon including canine first aid and attending a variety of seminars to help develop my skills within the industry. Since then I have built a salon in my garden where I have more space to grow, offering a cage-free, one to one grooming in a friendly and relaxed environment.
I have achieved so much in 3 years and I am very driven. I will keep developing and growing myself as a groomer and my business. I have fire in my belly and passion in my veins and I thrive off being able to achieve what ever my customers require of me. I intend to be the best I possibly can.



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