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Raes Groom Room

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Benfleet, Essex

Raes Groom Room


About me

Since the day I could remember Iv always been around dogs. Grand parents, uncles , aunties always had dogs. Brought up with Labrador’s and Cavaliers. As I got older I wanted my own dog. It was down to an old English or a boxer. Extremely big difference! Boxer it was and my love for the breed has blossomed. 
I started showing the breed in 2010. I took interest in totter breeds being prepared for the ring and soon volunteered at a local grooming salon as a Saturday girl. 
At 17 i got an apprenticeship in dog grooming and started my ICMG. 
I have worked in many salons and now own Raes groom room. I still currently show dogs (Boxers, Scottish Terrier and other breeds) 
Here at Raes Groom Room my aim is to give your dog the best I can but most importantly the dogs wealfear MUST come first. I am a 1-2-1 groomer and like to keep a relaxed calm environment. I love to educated owners on dogs as you never stop learning about dogs. 


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