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Sticky Buds After a Walk

Sunday, 23 February 2020 01:43 PM

Answered by Stuart Simons and taken with permission from Dogs Monthly.

Q: My dog has the sort of coat that seems to attract sticky buds and after a walk of dashing in and out of the undergrowth he gets covered in them. Is there a quick way to get them out of the coat? I've been spending all afternoon picking them out one by one…

A: Oooh They really are pesky little things aren’t they. You would probably get the majority out of the coat with a slicker brush depending on the type of coat that your dog has. A comb would also be very effective but there will definitely be a bit of picking out the odd few even after using grooming tools. I'm so sorry I haven’t got a really quick fix for this problem. Of course, you could always pop your dog along to your local Groomers Spotlight Groomer and they can do it for you.

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