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Slicker Brushing

Tuesday, 28 February 2023 06:54 PM

Sliker brushes, why do groomers recommend them  


Brushing your dog has huge benefits for you, your home and your dog and whilst many owners regularly brush their dogs, the choice of brush they use has a significant impact on the effectiveness of that brushing. 

When your dog is a puppy getting them used to the grooming process is very important so using tools that are soft and user friendly for a new owner and their new puppy is recommended for the first few weeks.  

Once the grooming routine is established you will need to upgrade your grooming tools to accommodate your dogs changing coat. You will notice the coat thickening up and Matts starting to form as they go through adolescence. 

Groomers widely recommend Sliker brushes for wool/fluffy type coats, due to their effectiveness of keeping these types of coat knot and tangle free, to an owner the look quite fierce and the perception is that they will hurt the dog but used properly they are the ideal tool to prevent painful matting occurring.


On the back of the brush there is a grove in which you place your finger , this controls the pressure used when you brush, ensuring that the brushing action is comfort controlled. The pins separate the coat and remove any dead hair and tangles, the curved design of the brush ensures it doesn’t scratch the skin . depending on your dogs coat texture and thickness these brushes are available in soft medium and firm. As your professional Groomers Spotlight Groomers for a recommendation suitable for your dogs coat.



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