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Friday, 25 November 2022 04:30 PM

14 Reasons to Love Leucillin



Leucillin is an effective and reliable first aid, sanitizing and skin management tool. Leucillin kills germs that can cause infection, irritation, dry, itchy, flaky or smelly problematic skin and provides you with a powerful solution to care for all types of skin. It is the most versatile skincare product available so we are sharing some of our favourite uses with our 14 reasons why we love Leucillin! 


1.    Clipper Rash or clipper burn often from clipping away excessive matting, resulting in inflamed, sore skin, often presenting after the dog has left the salon. Spraying the skin liberally after a groom with Leucillin instantly soothes and calms the skin, Leucillin acts quickly to kill pathogens dramatically reducing the likelihood of infection occurring, happy dog, happy client!


2.    Tear Staining, “gunky” eyes, grubby beards and pink paws, Leucillin is completely safe to eyes and can be licked! Excessive tear production often associated with a yeast imbalance results in a discolouration of the hair. Using Leucillin as an eye cleanser or flush, kills bacteria and yeasts. Applying daily will lighten the staining and the coat regrowth comes through its natural colour!


3.    Delicate Skin Leucillin active ingredient is cleverly the very same chemical your pets own white blood cells create to kill infecting pathogens within their own bodies meaning that Leucillin is recognized and accepted by the body as its own! It can safely be applied to all skin types including ears, eyes and mouth.


4.    Cuts, Nicks and Scratches, if discovered underneath matting or during a chipping off, Leucillin can be applied straight away. Leucillin works on contact so the potential of infection to occur is removed, skin is instantly and visibly calmed.


5.    Great for Allergies and paw chewing, Leucillin works in harmony with the body’s own defense mechanism and effectively calms the autoimmune system, it is instantly soothing and calming to the skin and kills secondary infection caused by itching, chewing and scratching. 


6.    Fast Acting Leucillin is efficacy tested in NHS laboratories, in recent tests Leucillin achieved a class leading 99.99999% (Log7) or maximum measurable reduction in bacteria, meaning Leucillin works so fast it kills pathogens on contact!


7.    All breeds, skin & coat types Leucillin can be safely used on all skin types and also your feline clients. For brachycephalic breeds, Leucillin is a safe effective daily cleaner for skin folds, keeping those wrinkles and delicate tissue around eyes, clean, clear, smell and infection free. 


8.    No Staining Leucillin is a unique solution, it’s clear so will not stain your pets coat or your furnishings! Leucillin does NOT contain any oils, surfactants, perfumes, steroids, alcohols or antibiotics.  


9.    Functional Design We have a quiet spray system to minimise any fear that a loud or strange sound could cause nervous animals. It has a locking mechanism making transporting your bottle leak proof and with it’s 360 degree trigger function you can use the sprayer upside down to help with those tricky to reach areas on your pets such as elbows, beards or bottoms!


10.  The Best Insurance In the worst case scenario should an accident occur, Leucillin is the best emergency aid as a wound wash, flushing the injury straight away before taking the animal for veterinary attention insures the animal is protected again ant harmful pathogens that could cause infection.


11. Natural Leucillin cleverly uses the active Hypocholrous (HOCl), a natural chemical to the mammalian body, it is passed by the Organic Soil Association, is environmentally friendly breaking down to a safe saline solution, is not tested on animals and is vegetarian and vegan friendly!


12. Easy add on sale Leucillin is also an excellent additional sale after a groom as an easy to use tool for your customers to care for the skin, ears and eyes of their pet between grooms. Leucillin is cost effective, has great margins, small minimum orders and free promotional literature. 


13. Additional sanitiser Leucillin can also be used to sanitise tables, crates, bowls, toys and beddings, its high efficacy formula kills harmful pathogens on contact whilst being conveniently completely safe not needing to be rinsed off or wiped down before the next client.


14. Versatile and safe Leucillin is skin pH neutral, non-toxic and a non-irritant, making it the perfect user friendly solution for professionals and their customers, it’s so safe that even the youngest family members can help care for their pet!


To find out more about Leucillin or to become a stockiest please call today or visit the Leucillin website or Facebook page.


Leucillin RRP

50ml Leucillin Dropper          £4.99

60ml Leucillin Spray               £5.99

150ml Leucillin Spray            £7.50

250ml Leucillin Spray            £9.99

500ml Leucillin Spray            £14.99



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“8 years we have tried everything to help our terrier, 8 years of suffering, steroids, shampoos, creams... she had these sores all over her body, some weeping, gunky eyes and ears, one application and her skin has healed. I could cry. Thank you xx”

Tina Duncan


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