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Hi, My name is Eleanor, (although I have always been known as Nina by the majority, its a family thing!)  I have been grooming for over 3 years now.

I own two Springer spaniels who are now in their senior years. Love them! They are just one of the reason I now groom dogs as a career.  My newest addition is our Sprocker who tries to copy everything the cat does! Thank goodness the fence is high!


  • Irene Smith

    Took my little boy Charlie for his first groom with Nina, Charlie has always been groomed from a pup and this now old man agrees with his mum that Nina has done an amazing job. Charlie has never looked so good so that’s a massive thumbs up from Charlie and his Mum. Looking forward to his next appointment. Thank you Nina

  • Paul Hobby

    Our 2 year old Shih tzu Holly loves going to she Nina, after several grooms in a shop she didn’t like going so needed to change. From her first groom with Nina she has enjoyed every visit,and looks amazing each time.Nina really gets to know her and is so friendly and kind. Knowing holly enjoys her time being groomed with Nina we feel happy to leave her and know she is happy and in good hands.

  • Colin Eaton

    Lola has now been to Nina three times. I am impressed by the fact that she takes such care and attention. Being a Bischon getting the shape is really important. Nina has provided an excellent cut every time. Although initially nervous Lola is becoming more relaxed at each grooming session. Nina is patient and caring to Lola’s needs which for me is the most important thing.

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