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I have been a qualified groomer for 4 years (although grooming before this in a college too) and have loved every minute. I am within a College in Dorset where I teach both animal management and dog grooming to students of all ages. my rounded knowledge enables my students to be given full hands on instruction in animal first aid alongside their grooming courses.

I am the owner of a beautiful border collie, Gryffie who is used as a therapy dog at the College for students with learning difficulties. I also have just got a Cocker Spaniel Puppy, Freddie, who I will be showing and going to grooming competitions with when he is old enough. He is also learning to be a therapy dog for the students at College.

I hope to be starting my ICMG at the end of this year.



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  • Holly Palmer

    Hi Becki, does your price list at KM College include clipping or is it just bath and blow dry?

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