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Hi, my name's Megan and I've been grooming since I was 13 years old, starting out by prepping dogs in my parents' salon. I groom all breeds and sizes of dogs, and have a huge amount of experience rehabbing nervous dogs.

I competed in my first grooming competition, the Rookie challenge, in 2018 and received 1st place in the 5 Years and Over category with a customer's standard poodle, Markus. Less than a month after competing, Markus officially became my own! Since then we also won the Open Poodle class at Supergroom in 2019.

I also own two miniature poodles, Wibble (age 5) and Flubber (just turned 1). My three poodles have helped me develop my skills by practising new trims, and I am hoping Flubber will be my competition partner now that competitions are restarting after Covid. 

Over the years I have attended many seminars and training courses to keep building on my skills, and I specialise in Poodle and Doodle trims and handstripping. Handstripping is one of my favourite skills and I am able to strip Terriers, Cockers and Setters.

I have also had additional training in Asian Fusion, which is the art of creating super cute styles that make dogs look like adorable babies!

Recently, I have expanded my skills by beginning the DAATA certification which focuses on skin and hair care, covering how to adapt the grooming process to keep the dog's skin as healthy as possible, and how to manage skin conditions. There is also special attention paid to pH levels and shampoo ingredients. I am currently certified level 1 and working toward level 2, which involves creating my own case studies.

I plan on completing my Creative Grooming qualification this year as this is something I greatly enjoy, and my standard poodle Markus loves the attention he gets whenever he is dyed.

In addition to my dog qualifications and training courses, I am also a qualified cat groomer and received my Certificate of Competence in Cat Grooming in 2019. I offer a range of services including bathing and drying, de-shedding, nail clips and trims ranging from shave offs and lion cuts to cute teddy bear cuts.


  • Kelly Haines

    Our Bentley loves he’s pampering with Megan, she is so good with him, and even though he getting old now, he looks like a handsome young pup when he leaves, and he is full of excitement on grooming day. Thank you Megan for looking after Bentley for so many years.

  • Karen Flegg

    Megan groomed our Airedale from a puppy. Not only is she very nice to him, her grooming is superb. I would highly recommend her.

  • Frances Barton

    Megan always cares for Molly when she’s having her groom ,she treats her like she is her own dog ,I would recommend her to anyone x

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