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About me

I'm Maureen Grant, owner and director of LoveDog. I’m very proud of my business and my amazing team. I’ve been grooming dogs for many years. My passion for providing beautiful grooms is secondary to the welfare of each individual dog that enters my salon. I treat each dog as I would treat my own. Communication between ourselves and our customers is key to our success in supporting and providing the best possible experience for your dog. At LDG we tailor the groom to suit your dog, and as a team we instinctively help one another to best support your dog. Sometimes an extra pair of hands to hug or an additional reassuring soothing voice makes all the difference to settle a nervous pup. At LoveDog we groom all dogs, all ages, all breeds and all behaviours. Understanding dogs behaviour and how they show anxiety is so important in confidently handling a dog effectively. At LDG we strive to build up confidence where required and break down barriers and de-sensitise any worries your dog may have whilst being groomed. I hold  a diploma in dog behaviour with the British college of canine studies. I am currently studying for ICMG


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