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Hi I’m Lisa, I started my grooming training around 3 years ago. Grooming came about for me when I brought a cute fluffy dog for my daughters 13 birthday. At the time I didn’t realise that she would be a high maintenance dog and would require regular grooming at a salon. Once I did I thought “how hard can it be?” I was pleased with my first attempt and caught the grooming bug . I signed up to my nearest grooming college and that was the beginning of my brilliant career I’ve not looked back.I did my L2 at Canterbury college and passed with tutor Sarah . I then went in to Hadlow college and learnt from,Julie and Belinda ( < she’s still a little scary) .  I have 3 dogs of my own and have grown up with dogs. Each dog I groom I treat them like my own. In 2018 I met Deborah whigham at a seminar who invited to come and look at her salon in Barham nr Canterbury . I’ve not left the place since and working with Debs and her team is a blast with cracking dogs to work on with fabulous owners to.


  • Amber-Rose Fagg

    Highly recommended!

  • Justine Flood

    I started my training in October at Affinity barking beauties with Lisa as a teacher/mentor.I have learnt quickly under her supervision.She treats the dogs(and cats) as if they were her own,which as a dog owner myself would want of anyone handling my animal.Her grooming is of a standard I aim for in the future.She has the patience of a saint with the dogs(and humans) I can only thank Lisa for all she does.

  • Lee Crumbie

    Highly recommended!

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