Kayley Tomkins ICMG

International Certified Master Groomer
Spotlight Registered: 27 July 2018
Email: Barkintheparkuk@live.co.uk
Booking Line: 01276423303
Bark in the Park Kay’s Boutique




About me

Hey my name is Kayley and this is my journey… I started my career in the pet industry 9 years ago at the age of 21, setting up our family run dog walking company Bark in the Park. 3 years later I expanded into the grooming industry and learnt to groom alongside the dog walking business and Bark in the Park Kay’s Boutique was born. I now own a high street salon working with four team members. Throughout the last 6 years it has been important to me to continue with my professional development and I now hold the title of International Certified Master Groomer. I continually challenge myself by entering grooming competitions as it helps to keep my skill updated and gains recognition within the profession. A breakdown of my achievements is available on my profile. The Bark in the Park salon is a large open-plan welcoming space. We also have a separate cat room that we also use for dogs who need more reassurance and 121 grooming. My team members are trained on site by me, through our apprenticeship programme. I would love to open a training school one day maybe that will be the next step. Our most recent business adventure is our new online pet store.

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