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About me

I've always had a love for animals. Growing up we had German Shepherds and every sunday it was my job to brush all their loose dead undercoat out. When I was older I started as a hairdresser but missed being around animals and moved onto running a pet shop which had a dog grooming salon within. On my days off I started helping out in the grooming side, which I loved and before I knew it I was working there full time. Over time I started out on my own and completed my level 2 and level 3 diploma city & Guilds. I have also completed canine first aid course and continue to learn more by attending seminars every year.


  • Katie Ternouth

    Thanks Emma. I love seeing your boys race from the car to get in, it makes my day

  • Matt Valentine

    Kate in one word is fantastic! My three boys mean the world to me and I am very careful with where they go and who they meet. I was recommended to Kate by another ocd dog lover quite a few years ago now and am so pleased. Kate is lovely with my three Paps. She is really caring, does a great job with my boys and I know she takes time outside of work to educate herself further in dog behaviour and dog communication seminars. All this shows in how our boys love seeing Kate. They also smell gorgeous after too!!

  • Katie Ternouth

    Aw thanks Matt

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