Judy Chappell (1)

Professional, qualified, and proud to be a dog groomer and trainer
Spotlight Registered: 24 March 2017
Email: judy@canisgrooming.co.uk
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About me

Hi! I have been a dog lover and owner for many years, before I decided to train and become a groomer and canine massage therapist, enabling me to care for my furry friends in lots more ways than I could before. In addition to my City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma, and my Diploma in Therapeutic Canine Massage, I also hold a number of the Pet Industry Federation Higher Diploma modules in grooming. I groom a wide variety of breeds and types at Canis, assisted by a small team who are undergoing training with me to achieve their City & Guilds level 2 and level 3 certificate qualifications in dog grooming. I also teach private students enabling them to qualify through the City & Guilds framework.

I was very proud to receive an invitation from PIF to compete for the prestigious Groomer of the Year 2019 award.  

In the past I have owned a number of breeds: a Rottweiler who I trained and competed with in working trials and obedience achieving CDEx. I owned and bred Turkish Kangals (they were known then as Karabash, but were registered as Anatolian Shepherds by the KC), and I showed them too - at Crufts 1999, my dogs were Best Opposite Sex, Reserve Best Bitch, and Best Puppy in their breed. In 2000 one of my dogs was Best Opposite Sex at Crufts.  Now, my life is shared with Calypso a Portuguese Water Dog, Ruby a Border Terrier, and I am now the proud mum of Esme, another Giant Schnauzer replacing poor Caspar who died in summer 2018.  Esme will be making her show ring debut this summer and hopefully she will follow in her famous father's footsteps - Stablemasters Faze - Best of Breed at Crufts 2019 and group 3 winner.

In our grooming salon, you will find a calm atmosphere.  We have a small garden so that dogs can make themselves comfortable before and during the groom. We use high quality products to bathe and prepare the dogs for grooming, along with the best equipment, so that we can achieve a good quality groom for your dog.



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