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Professional, qualified, and proud to be a dog groomer and trainer
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About me

Hi, My name is Judy, I have been grooming for 13 years, I trained at Canine Comforts with Gill East and then with Carol Gowers of Evesham Academy Of Dog Grooming.  I hold the City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma for Dog Grooming Stylists as well as a number of modules from the Higher Diploma in Dog Grooming, completion of which would entitle me to membership of the Guild of Master Groomers.  I am a Certified Canine Esthetician, which enables me to take a more considered approach to problem skin and coats and apply topicals enabling relief and healing.  

I currently own a Giant Schnauzer (she is handstripped for the show ring, but my first Giant was soft-coated and he was clipped), an elderly Border Terrier (who was until recently handstripped), and a Portuguese Water Dog (she was kept in full-coat for showing). I would like to add a Bedlington Terrier to my household, and in the last few years I have taken a special interest in them as they are one of the "at risk breeds" of terriers, and they are an aesthetic grooming challenge!  I plan to groom a Bedlington for one of my higher diploma exams. In the much distant past I owned, showed and bred Turkish Kangal Dogs, and was a breed club secretary for many years organising memberships, shows, seminars, breed standard publications, amongst many things.  In my former professional life I worked in academic medical publishing for a couple of the major corporate international publishing companies, and I decided after almost 30 years that I wanted a change: I am delighted to be a dog groomer, as well as a qualified Canine Massage Therapist.  I have also recently qualified as a Reiki Practitioner with Rob Fellows, learning to use these new skills to help dogs cope better with the grooming environment and process.

I am passionate about grooming and education, I am working towards my Level 4 Professional Recogniton Award - Licentiateship in Dog Grooming, as well as the higher diploma.  I regularly attend seminars and workshops to update and improve my knowledge and skills.  I opened a Pet Industry Federation accredited school in 2014, and have been busy passing on my life-long knowledge of dogs and grooming skills to students wishing to become professional groomers, via the City & Guilds qualification framework.  I have also been pursuing more advanced training and knowledge in understanding canine behaviour so that I can help more of the dogs that come to us with fears and phobias around grooming, and also to try to prevent fears and phobias developing in puppies around grooming: this knowledge and practice is transferred across to the students training with us.  I subscribe to lots of facebook pages, but particularly interesting are the English Groomers Group EGG, Grouchy Groomers, Oxfordshire Groomers Group and Grooming the Giant Schnauzer.

I have completed a Pet First Aid course along with regular refreshers, and my go to training provider is Sophie Bell MRCVS - Animal Love First Aid.

Special services offered alongside grooming are: ultrasonic teeth cleaning, a selection of skin and coat treatments for itchy, yeasty, sensitive skins or damaged coats.  I am a Reiki Practitioner.



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