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My name is Jo - we are a family run business with Steve my husband and our daughter Sian . Aspera is the longest established grooming salon in Bedford with over 45 years joint experience! WE ARE MULTI AWARD WINNING CITY & GUILDS LEVEL 3 QUALIFIED DOG /CAT GROOMING SALON. Our priority is your pet’s welfare and happiness. We rely on their trust rather than restraints or tie–ups. Our philosophy is that grooming should be a pleasurable experience. We treat every pet individually and with kindness and expert care as that is exactly what they deserve! When you bring your pet to us you will be asked about your lifestyle, your styling preferences and how well you are able to maintain your pet’s coat in between grooming appointments and we will work with you to provide your pet with a style that not only looks great but also works well with your lifestyle and abilities. 


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