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I have been a dog groomer for over 9 years now. I started off as a Bather, worked up to an Assistant, and eventually became a Groomer. I currently and manager and head groomer of a lovely salon in North Londond 

I have been fortunate to have worked in top salons both in San Francisco and London. Though I excel with poodle type coats and unusual styles I groom every breed to a high standard. I also enjoy creative styling such as colour.

Being a groomer is an absolute joy. I really love what I am able to do as a career. I am fortunate to be able to meet so many wonderful animals and their owners on a daily basis. My belief is in gentle, safe grooming practices. Stress free grooming, not only for the dog, but myself is what I strive for every day. I also push to continue learning and enhancing my and my coworkers grooming practices. Every day is an opportunity to learn and better myself and my skills.


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