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If you do a job you love you'll never work a day in your life!
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Ellie's Groom Room

5 years

Rendlesham, Suffolk


About me

I’m Ellie, the owner of Ellie's Groom Room established in September 2020 in a brand new, custom built dog groomers in Rendlesham, Woodbridge.

I have been a dog groomer for over 5 years now and hold my Level 3 OCN Diploma in Dog Grooming. In recent years I've successfully braved the world of competitive dog grooming, achieving a first place and special recognition award. There is always more to learn in this job and I regularly attend seminars hosted by some big names within the industry to build upon my knowledge.

My passion for dogs started with two show type Cocker Spaniel owned by my parents. Today I own a Cavapoo called Merlo and a working Cocker Spaniel, Fendt. I firmly believe that 'if you do a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life' and I can definitely say I love my job and the lovely dogs I welcome through the door every day! Ellie's Groom Room was a venture I never saw coming, but a blessing in disguise!

I offer a variety of services including full grooms, baths, hand stripping, puppy introductory sessions and ultrasonic teeth cleaning. 


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