Breed History / Description

In the 1940s German professor, Julius Wipfel, crossed Chow Chow and German Spitz in the hope of creating the perfect spitz dog. He mated the offspring of these first crosses to a Samoyed and then used a programme of line-breeding and in-breeding to stabilise type. As the Professor had used the best examples of European and Asian stock in his programme he used the hybrid word of Eurasier as the nomenclature for his breed. Like his forbears, the Eurasier is a spitz, now very popular in its native land as a companion dog. The breed was recognised by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 1973 and by the Kennel Club in 2003. 

General Appearance

Medium size dog of spitz type with a wide variation of colours. Balanced, well constructed, slightly longer than high. 


Devoted family companion.

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