Tibetan Spaniel

Breed History / Description

This was another breed favoured by Tibetan monks as companions and watchdogs and they were often found together with the Lhasas in the monasteries. 

The title of spaniel was given to the breed by early European visitors in Tibet who likened it to a toy spaniel and the Kennel Club later adopted this name. The first Tibetan Spaniels arrived in the UK in late Victorian times but it was not until the end of World War II that the breed became more numerous. The breed became firmly established in the UK when Lord and Lady Wakefield returned with their dogs which they had acquired when living in western Tibet. Along with their friends, Colonel and Mrs Hawkins, who had also brought their dogs with them, they provided the nucleus for the breed’s development. The Tibetan Spaniel Association was formed in 1957. The Tibetan Spaniel is part of the Utility Breed Group.


Gay and assertive, highly intelligent, aloof with strangers. 


Alert, loyal but independent.

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