Scottish Terrier (Scottie)

Breed History / Description

Like the other native Scottish breeds with which it shares its origins, the Scottish terrier was bred to go to ground after fox and badger and other vermin. In its early days it was known as the Aberdeen terrier because of its proliferation in the area – and as its popularity spread, it acquired the title of Scottish terrier in 1879, bestowed by Captain Gordon Murray who developed a careful breeding programme to establish type. In 1882 the first breed club was formed and the standard drawn up. The Scottie, as it is affectionately known is remarkably substantial and well boned for its size, its short back, strong neck and long head with small pricked ears give it an unmistakable outline – a “multum in parvo” breed and with great character – independent to the point of stubbornness.The Scottish Terrie is part of the Terrier group.


Loyal and faithful. Dignified, independent and reserved, but courageous and highly intelligent. 


Bold, but never aggressive

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