Breed History / Description

The Border Collie is still seen performing the task for which it was bred, working sheep (and cattle) and its fitness for function is seen in its speed, its innate herding instinct and its stealthy gait and carriage. 

The name derives from the border regions of England, Scotland and Wales where he originally showed his worth, working sheep in the hills and mountains. His intelligence, speed and versatility have brought the Border Collie success in many canine activities such as obedience, agility and as a sniffer dog for detecting explosives and drugs. In relatively recent times the breed has become highly popular in the show ring. The natural activity and intelligence of the Border Collie means that he needs to be engaged to lead a fulfilled life.


Tenacious, hard-working sheep dog, of great tractability. 


Keen, alert, responsive and intelligent. Neither nervous nor aggressive.

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