Breed History / Description

This little 'black devil' dog of German origin was developed as a vermin killer. It is thought that the German Pincher lies in the background of the breed with an input of flat faced breeds. After World War II, when the population was very low, there was an input of Griffon Bruxellois. The black, ragged street urchin look is matched by a mischievous curiosity and fearlessness and a great character which is winning him popularity. The Affenpinscher is part of the Toy Breed Group


Lively and self-confident, carrying itself with a comic seriousness. 


Loyal and loving companion; watchful of strangers and fearless toward aggressors.

Grooming Requirements

Brush the coat with a slicker to remove dead hair.

Comb the dog thoroughly, including the face furnishings.

Use a finger and thumb to pluck out dead and loose hair, as the back half of the body should be “smoothed out.” The shoulders should have longer hair, which forms the mane, the longer hair blending in to the smoother rump. Generally, frequent brushing suffices, and regularly tidying the hair will ensure the dog is kept looking perfect at all times.

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