Breed History / Description

This Chinese breed probably shares some of the ancestry of the Chow Chow, descending from the ancient Han Dog, a guard dog in China 2000 years ago. The Shar-Pei was developed as a fighting dog and as a hunter. 

The loose wrinkled skin was useful for a fighting dog as it prevented a rival from obtaining a strong grip and the characteristic bristly coat was uncomfortable to the mouth (Shar-Pei translates as 'harsh sandy coat' or 'sand paper skin'). The 20th Century saw the breed almost wiped out when the communist regime destroyed thousands of domestic dogs but there has been a revival and modern breeders have addressed the problem of excessive wrinkle and eye problems in the breed.


Relatively loose skin, frowning expression, harsh bristly coat. 


Calm, independent, very affectionate, and devoted to people.

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