Breed History / Description

This is the original variety of the breed. The Schnauzer has been known in Germany from at least the 14th Century and a painting by Rembrandt features a Schnauzer owned by German artist Albrecht Dürer. 

The word Schnauzer translates as ‘whiskered snout’ which describes the harsh coat, bristly whiskers and beard of the breed. It was originally called the Wirehaired Pinscher but the title of Schnauzer was adopted after the name of the dog which won the first 'breed' class for Wirehaired Pinschers in 1879. 

The breed was developed as a vermin killer but proved its versatility by herding livestock and was also used for pulling small carts The Schnauzer is part of the Utility group 


Strong, vigorous dog capable of great endurance. 


Alert, reliable and intelligent. Primarily a companion dog.

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