Swedish Vallhund

Breed History / Description

The Swedish Vallhund bears a passing resemblance to the Welsh Corgi and breeders dispute the relationship, if any, between the breeds. Whilst some Corgi breeders claim that Viking raiders took some of their Welsh heelers back to Scandinavia, devotees of the Vallhund claim the reverse: Vikings took dogs of Vallhund type with them on their raids and some of these dogs were left behind and played a part in the origins of the Corgi. 

What is not debated is the fact that the breed was almost extinct by the 1930s but was rescued by the Swedish Count Bjorn von Rosen. Travelling around the district of Vastergotland, and especially near the town of Vara, he recognised a population of dogs of very similar appearance, used primarily for herding cattle. With his colleague Karl Gustaf Zettersten, he established a breeding programme to retain both the type and the herding instinct. The Count is credited for the official recognition of the breed by the Swedish Kennel Club in 1948.


Appearance and expression denote a watchful, alert, energetic dog. 


Friendly, active, eager to please.

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