German Shepherd

Breed History / Description

The first breed club was formed in 1881 after Max von Stephanitz and his followers developed and promoted the breed as a herding dog, and later as a working dog used by the police and the armed forces. From the First World War, the bravery and temperament of the German Shepherd has gained the breed worldwide recognition and praise and he has shown his worth in other disciplines too:- as a guide dog for the blind, as a tracking dog, and in obedience. 

The evolution of the breed and its changed appearance in the last fifty years has provoked fierce debate: the German Shepherd has a marked division of breed “type”. 

In recent years the long-haired variety once frowned upon in its native country has been officially recognised in the Breed Standard. The German Shepherd Dog is part of the Pastoral Breed Group.


Versatile working dog, balanced and free from exaggeration. Must be capable of standing comfortably and calmly, freely and unsupported in any way, in structural balance, whilst both rear pasterns are vertical. Attentive, alert, resilient and tireless with keen scenting ability. 


Steady of nerve, loyal, self-assured, courageous and tractable. Never nervous, over-aggressive or shy.

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