Breed History / Description

Large rough coated dogs of greyhound type have been known in Scotland for at least 500 years. Early in its history the breed was called the Scottish Wolfdog but as the wolf population began to disappear it was developed as a deer coursing breed. Over a period of time the size of the breed diminished but the breed was hugely popular as deer coursers until the 18th century when huntsman acquired guns for their sport. In Victorian times there was a reborn enthusiasm for the breed and today the Deerhound remains popular not only for its athletic lines, and elegance but also for its gentle temperament.


The build suggests the unique combination of speed, power and endurance necessary to pull down a stag, but general bearing is one of gentle dignity. 


Gentle and friendly. Obedient and easy to train because eager to please. Docile and good-tempered, never suspicious, aggressive or nervous. Carries himself with quiet dignity.

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