Breed History / Description

The Smooth Collie has always lived in the shadows of its more glamorously coated cousin but the two have always existed side by side and until 1994 they could be interbred so Smooth and Roughs could be born in the same litter. 

It is thought that the Smooth sheepdogs of the 19th century were shorter on the leg and thicker set than the Rough Collie and with this in mind and infusion of greyhound blood to give more elegant and refinement. The resulting stock was mated back to the Rough Collie and the breeds today look almost identical apart from the coat. Amongst the dogs taken from Balmoral to Windsor Castle by Queen Victoria was her favourite dog Sharp who was a Smooth.  

In 1979 the Kennel Club allocated the first Challenge Certificates for Smooth Collies as a separate breed and in recent years the breed has enjoyed increased popularity in the show ring, with its outgoing temperament, sound movements gaining it many admirers.


Physical structure on lines of strength and activity, free from cloddiness and with no trace of coarseness. Expression, most important. In considering relative values, it is obtained by perfect balance and combination of skull and foreface, size and shape, colour and placement of eye, correct position and carriage of ears. 


Friendly disposition with no trace of nervousness or aggressiveness

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