Canadian Eskimo Dog

Breed History / Description

This is the ancient sled dog of the Canadian Arctic regions, a powerful dog of spitz features which possesses strength and stamina, and is built for long distance work rather than speed. The introduction of the faster Siberian Husky into Canada for the popular sport of sledding led to a decline in the popularity of the Canadian Eskimo Dog. The advent of the snowmobile in the 1960s further threatened the population of the breed. The Canadian Kennel Club stepped in with other associations to protect the breed and ensure its survival. Numbers are still relatively small and few are seen as domestic pets.


Sled dog capable of surviving the harshest of Arctic environments and pulling loads over long distances day after day in a freighting or draft team. Will hunt if given the opportunity 


Reflects tough, hard working function. When mature, affectionate, enjoying attention. Pack orientated with extremely rapid response to outside stimulus.

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