Breed History / Description

The Wolfhound of the Russian Aristocracy, the Borzoi's elegant curvaceous outline and luxuriant coat and long, lean head make him a memorable and imposing sight. The word Borzoi means 'swift'. Borzois hunted in pairs and held the wolf down until the hunters arrived. The breed was well established in Russia by 16th century and was probably developed from Greyhound type dogs crossed with long haired sheepdogs and imported Irish Greyhounds and wolf dogs. 

Hunting with Borzoi in Russia was the pastime of the aristocracy, with the hounds followed on horseback and both dogs and horses often wearing brightly coloured hunting silks. The completion of a successful hunt was marked by a ceremonial feasting in tents. Many of the Russian aristocracy maintained large kennels of Borzoi.


A coursing hound which must be courageous, powerful and of great speed. 


Sensitive, alert and aloof.

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