Denise Mcglennon ICMG CFMG (6)

Caring, patient, professional dog and cat groomer. Grooming trainer
Spotlight Registered: 14 March 2017
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DMG Pet Grooming Boutique and Spa

20 +

Lochgreen , bonnybridge

About me

I love dogs and cats and I am fascinated by them and how the enrich our lives. I have been grooming for several years. I firstly owned my own business in partnership and then worked for a large corporate company. I started out as a salon manager and professed from there. I was tasked with opening and recruiting for salons up and down the country. Then in my role as Grooming Experise Trainer I have trained 100s of colleagues throughout the UK including Northern Ireland in all aspects of dog and cat grooming.
I now have my own business again which is a boutique style grooming salon & spa that accommodates for dogs and cats ( with their own separate room) . I also provide sessions for owners to learn how to groom their own dogs as well as 1-1 sessions for fellow grooming professionals to freshen up their skills. I regularly run seminars and workshops to accommodate learning and development in all aspects of grooming. I am a co owner of UK CAT GROOMING TRAINING. With renowned groomer Julie Harris and I have a passion for learning. I own 3 of my own dogs. A westie, a lhasa Apso and a Scottish Terrier whom I show. I also have 3 cats a Maine coon, a Ragdoll and a Norwegian Forest mix. 
I have achieved my level 3 diploma in dog grooming and I am a certified Feline Master Groomer after attending and completing my training in South Carolina USA. At present I am in the process of completing my ICMG and Higher Diploma in Dog Grooming. I love grooming as every day is different and you never stop learning and developing.


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