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Godmanchester. Huntingdon

About me

Dog groomer lecturer and tutor for city and guilds level 2 and diploma level 3. Assessor.

Currently CAPG in the ICMG also with view to finish soon.

Love dogs and grooming. Very passionate about learning and self development. Kind compassionate handling for all dogs. 

Have 3 rescue dogs. 


  • Sarah Stoneman

    Cheryl is a talented, caring groomer, highly qualified and our dog really loves her. She has a great connection with dogs and always listens to any requests or questions you have. I only wish I'd have known Cheryl many years ago as she's such a lovely lady, very experienced and my dog loves her.

  • Hayley Johnson

    Cheryl is the most amazing lady/friend/tutor I know! She has taught me with patience and total respect. Any questions I have it advice Cheryl knows it all, her grooming is just complete second nature! I take along time to learn due to health reasons and Cheryl has the total time!

  • Nikki Richardson

    Cheryl was my grooming tutor for both level 2 and level 3, and I couldn't have done it without her - she was so lovely and supportive throughout. Never did a day go by without learning a new grooming tip, or an interesting fact about a dog breed from her, the extent of her knowledge is incredible. Cheryl is absolutely amazing with the dogs who are being groomed. She definitely has a way with dogs, and always shows compassion and understanding for their individual needs. She is a truly lovely person and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

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