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Pawticulars Pet Services Ltd.

Woodbridge, Suffolk


About me

After working with many rescue dogs at a busy kennels i decided a route in the animal behaviour field was for me. To understand this complex minefield off I went to university for a total of 4 years and a great accomplishment of 2 degrees. After all of this i was still was unclear where to go so i decided to pursue a career in grooming.

Once i started i just couldn't stop. I trained in London, and would often stay late to complete grooms or just to learn more. Finally after a lot of hard work and determination i opened my salon in September 2014 (Pawticulars pet services Ltd, Woodbridge)| and I haven't looked back since.

Since opening my salon I have completed my level 3 in dog grooming and have continued onto the International Certified Master Groomer (ICMG) pathway. Not only have I been working on my qualifications continuing my development but I have also began taking part in grooming competitions and on two occasions being Highly Commended on my grooms.

I am very proud to now say that my degrees were not wasted and are used everyday in the salon working with anxious or nervous dogs but also helping friendly happy dogs enjoy their time with us. We work with a wide variety of breeds and are even providing grooming for show dogs. We pride ourselves in providing you with a great service that caters your dogs needs and welfare but also a style that suits your lifestyle.


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