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Ashview Dog Grooming

5 Years

Lisbane, Northern Ireland

About me

Hi there, I'm Catherine Moore the owner of Ashview Dog Grooming. I am based in the rolling hills and fields of County Down. 

I achieved my OCN Level 3 certificate in dog grooming in 2019, but had been grooming a year before that. I also hold an up to date canine first aid certificate.

I realised after working with Irelands best dog behaviourist each and every dog has their own behavioural needs as well as grooming needs.

At Ashview dog grooming not only will each dog be fully pampered and looked after, their behavioural needs will also be tended to. As a dog trainer I find it extremely important to keep stress to the minimum and try to make the grooming experience as calm and enjoyable as possible.

I favour all natural and cruelty free products as much as possible. I am based in a rural area minimising the amount of noise pollution which also helps keep the groom as relaxed as possible. 

Every dog is treated as an individual, no two dogs are the same. 

Any questions about anything at all please feel free to get in touch! 


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