Emma Betts RCVN (1)

Spotlight Registered: 23 January 2019
Email: emma@a-zanimalcare.co.uk
Booking Line: 01233 822411

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About me

Qualified, Caring and Professional

A-Z Animal Care was opened in 2005 by myself. Before that I worked as a Veterinary nurse. I am still qualified and have worked in the Veterinary world for 20 years.

I am a professionally trained dog and cat groomer and an approved instructor / A1 Assessor in Animal Care and Grooming.

I run a fully equipped grooming centre at Bethersden, Kent that offers the best for you and your pets. We've plenty of grooming space and best quality equipment. Cats have their own separate grooming room and equipment.

A-Z has over a 1000 active customers, many who came to us through personal recommendation, which hopefully inspires confidence. I am really proud of the feedback that we get from the customers. Have a look at the testimonials on our website. www.a-zanimalcare.co.uk



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