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Pet stylists in the heart of Hackney; you can leave your pooch at the Spa and discovering the surrounding. 

We offer high quality services, products, customer service, atmosphere. Open to give the most enjoyable experience at the Spa grooming session and sharing our knowledge with you if you wish about coat maintenance, behaviour, advices, etc.

We believe that each dog is unique; a bespoke treatment it will be given accordingly to their need.

Have you got a difficult dog? I do not think he/she will be more difficult then mine! 

They are all very welcome; sometimes we need more time to let them understand that grooming is a positive, relaxing thing and change their mind.

All breeds are welcome. We are confident with all the grooming techniques: clipper, scissors, hand stripping, carding, scissors over comb. And styles: Puppy cut, Standard, Asian…and creative why not? If you fancy a hint of colour for special occasions!

Look forward to seeing you


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