Terri Hutton (14)
Kind and Caring
Spotlight Registered: 24 September 2017
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Tails of St Leonards


St Leonards on sea


About me

After working in a boarding kennels for six year I decided to make the jump into dog grooming . I firstly completed a diploma in animal management to broaden my knowledge and then worked my way through the dog grooming qualifications to achieve the diploma .

Once qualified I began lecturing at a college teaching the Level 2 City and Guilds qualification in Dog Grooming with Julie Harris . Teaching and Dogs are my two passions so to put the two together was a dream come true.

After sharing my knowledge and helping others to achieve their qualification. I began a new journey and covered maternity for a salon to further develop my skill set. After completing this I have now taken a position at Tails of St Leonards

My favourite breed is a Bichon but im a little bit biased as I have one myself. Her name is Dolly and I adore her and her cheeky ways.

I believe in education and continuing to develop your knowledge and skill set by regularly attending training days/ events ,seminars and supporting others.



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