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Stephanie Zikmann is a multi-award-winning holistic grooming behaviourist from Scotland.

Through The Holistic Grooming Academy, Stephanie supports and teaches her coined advanced, iPET-approved Accreditation, 'The Holistic Grooming and Behaviour Diploma' to any professional groomer looking to enhance their service and increase safety in their environment.

Stephanie is also the author of three books, two of which received Amazon Best-Selling status including 'The Magic of Holistic Grooming' and 'A Teacher's Guide to Low-Stress Grooming'. 

With a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing behind her, Stephanie is also passionate about business consultancy, offering her expertise in business planning for pet professionals looking to revamp their business's brand. 

Through her private rehabilitation clinic in Scotland, Stephanie has helped over 400 dogs overcome their fear of grooming through a more dog-centred approach that reflects updated science and implements positive training and consent-based methods. 


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