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Samco Pet Spa 

Works with your pets on a 1-1 offering a personalised care package for each pet and their owners. We welcome owners to stay with their pets in our relaxation room filled with refreshments and snacks, with full use of Wifi and magazine. 

Pets are table trained were required or can be catered for on the floor this all depends of the dogs needs and requirements. 

treatments vary with each dog however a standard package includes full bath with a shampoo to suit your dog. dry, blast, fluff dry. They are then offered a break and refreshments. We then continue with brushing, combing, de-shedding, clipper work, scissor work, nails clipped and filed, ears cleaned. 

We cater for all styles and breeds and offer hand stripping. 

During your pets stay they are not crated we have a fully functional pet relaxation rooms with secured outdoor play area, ball pool, toys and refreshments.

We also offer doggy day care from £10.00 a day including 2 to 3 walks a day. 

We also offer home boarding for your doggys. 

For those dogs who are a little more nervous we have individualised areas for each pet with refreshments. 

every groom can be personalised with spa treatments, facials, teeth cleaning. 

We are more than a groomers we work closely with every customer and their dogs giving you and them the best experience possible. X 



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