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Thursday, 30 April 2020 04:09 PM

Why do we offer Training for Dog Grooming ?

There is a lack of regulation in the Dog Grooming Industry. This allows anyone with a pair of Clippers and Scissors to call themselves a dog groomer.  Dog and Bone Grooming offer training on a variety of levels. Starting with those who want to groom their own dog, right up to qualifying as a professional groomer.

There are bodies working to raise the standards for the dog grooming industry, and we work to the guidelines they put forward. These include Pet Industry Federation (PIF) and the British Dog Groomers Association(BDGA). There is also British Isles Grooming Association (BIGA) and The Groomers Spotlight.

All of these propose a set of minimum standards for the industry.

For Owners

Those who want to learn to maintain their own dog

can attend our demonstration led sessions.

These run throughout the year in small groups,

allowing a relaxed environment to learn and ask

questions. However If you want to learn to groom

your own dog, our one to one sessions are for you.

Working one to one creates a safe supervised session

thus giving us the opportunity to answer questions

particular to your dog. We don’t believe that offering

this service is detrimental to our business, above all

else we are concerned about dogs welfare.

Dog and Bone often see comments in relation to dogs been cut too short, or matted dogs on social media.

Therefore we put these packages together aiming to improve education and communication.  Ashlee and Chris

looked at the benefits of owner education, and frequent grooming for their BSc (Hons) in Behaviour and welfare.

They have been able to carry this knowledge into the business. Find out more here

Another concern for owners is what to do in an emergency. To help with this we will be offering group first aid


For Those Looking to Become Qualified Groomers.

Chris has been grooming on a professional basis for fourteen years. When he entered the industry he was never

totally satisfied with the standard of training received. This led to an ongoing journey of seminars, workshops and

further qualifications to improve his skills. However he was still aware of the need to encourage people entering the

industry to take the right route, avoid the pitfalls and get a good level of training. This is essential if you want to

learn to be a qualified dog groomer. The dog grooming course you take will vary depending on how far you want to

take your professional career.

As he always believed in working on a one to one basis with the dogs, Chris has consequently bought this  into the

training environment. We will work with you to guide you through learning all the basics and styling techniques on a

number of breeds to enable you to reach a standard to pass the OCN level 3 Diploma.

We are a satellite training centre with  IPET .

This ensures we keep up to date with new techniques,

are externally verified and audited.

To meet their requirements we not only had to

have grooming experience and qualifications but teaching

qualifications as well.

From his previous experience lecturing in a college,

Chris is aware that people have different learning styles.

This is taken into account when helping students through their course.

We ask all prospective students to visit us by appointment, allowing us and them to check their suitability

for the dog grooming training course.

Working one to one will mean we will not be putting a high number of students through the course.

This means we can help you focus on reaching the best standard you can. It’s not only your reputation

its ours.

The Costs

The cost of the OCN level 3 Diploma will vary depending on whether you have experience,

whether you are looking to qualify to work for someone else or starting your own business.

Included in the cost of the Basic course will be:

Basic Grooming Kit consisting of Apron, Scissors, Clippers slicker brush, comb and case
Student Handbooks covering techniques, equipment, handling, anatomy, etc
Registration with OCN, assessments, certificate, access to the online learning portal
Instruction in bathing, clipping, styling, scissoring across a variety of breeds.
Upon successful completion, First-year membership of either BIGA or Groomers Spotlight will be paid for.
First-year subscription to Groomers Gallery to assist you in your future career as a professional dog groomer

Cost £4995

For those Going it Alone

For those looking to work for themselves after completing their training,

there is a more detailed business start up package available. This adds to the above:

Basic business skills
Assistance with setting up facebook and Instagram, twitter accounts
Website set up and first year hosting
Introduction and demonstration in the use of booking software
Help in working out hourly rates
Excel spreadsheet for calculating equitable budget
Guide to suppliers
Further marketing skills
Discount for cloud based booking system
Ongoing telephone or messenger support

Cost £6495

For further information and to arrange an interview contact Chris on 07852 569375

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