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Coronavirus Concerns

Friday, 7 February 2020 02:50 AM

Hand Washing Around Dogs Is IMPORTANT!

Washing your hands around dogs should be a matter of routine. We handle dogs all the time, including petting, exercising, grooming and feeding. Properly washed hands play a large part in preventing the dispersal of disease – in fact, according to the World Health Organisation, hand hygiene is one of the best ways of stopping diseases spreading.

Limit the Spread of DISEASE

Diseases can be transmitted to dogs through our hands AND humans can pick up certain conditions like Ringworm from direct contact with dogs, a process known as zoonosis. 

Contagious diseases are easily transmitted between dogs by touch; therefore, if you handle more than one dog you could unwittingly be spreading disease around. Dogs can be carriers of diseases without showing any symptoms; at this point, it is easy for the disease to be passed from one dog to another unknowingly.

When to Hand Wash

Regular hand washing is recommended, particularly in-between dogs and if you have to handle dog waste.

Minimising the Risk

Wash your hands under running water (preferably warm water for a more pleasant and effective experience)

Use plenty of soap - preferably one with Anti-bacterial properties.

Make sure you soap your wrists and between your fingers, and really rub it in well for a couple of minutes.

When you rinse, keep rubbing, and make sure you dry off thoroughly – on a clean or disposable towel

If there is a known risk locate hand sanitisers in strategic positions. 

Following good practices such as regular hand washing is a simple strategy that can make a significant difference in the battle against the spread of disease. Start making it part of your routine today.

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