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Hi, Im Thomas McDonald. I have been grooming now for 12 years, I started my grooming career grooming my own dogs and family and friends dogs in my garage in the middle of the last recession in 2008. 

I never actually set out to be a dog groomer, it just happened and I can honestly say, since I picked up my first pair of scissors it never has felt like work because I love what I do and it’s my hobby. Here we are 12 years on and now I’m teaching people the art of dog grooming and helping them to achieve their dream job this alone gives me great satisfaction watching my students grow and learn to love what they do too. Previously we had been teaching OCN through IPet Network, now we are delivering IPet Networks own qualification. 

I have 3 bichons, a Boston terrier, a cocker spaniel, a Lhasa and a boxer. I've always wanted a Kerry blue. My favorite dogs to groom are the Kerry blue, bichons, cocker spaniels, fox terrier and mini schnauzer. 

I am passionate about grooming and education and regularly attend seminars as your always learning. This is how you can take your grooming to the next level and also make friends along the way.
Myself and friends in the industry run grooming competitions annually, The Grooming challenge NI & Northern Ireland Grooming championship.

My greatest industry achievement is obtaining my qualifications, City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma,  Both parts and Level 3 Award in education Opening and running a successful pet groomers and training school have also been right up at the top of my achievements to date. With regards to myself, I am currently looking into completing Level 4 with IPet Network. My own personal belief is that you should continue to learn and strive for more knowledge everyday, I will continue to grow my knowledge and learn throughout my own career. 
One of my highlights of my grooming career was being selected to be a competitor on the Tv show POOCH PERFECT,  on BBC1 competing with 16 groomers from around the U.K and Northern Ireland. A truly amazing experience and something I have learnt a lot from 


  • Michaela Mcdonald

    Thomas has always been a perfectionist and when it comes to grooming this is no different. I watch him in awe at how he transforms the dogs. He is an encyclopaedia of knowledge when it comes to dogs and indeed grooming which is no surprise he makes an amazing teacher and role model to students and others in the industry! Always willing to help anyone and share his experiences and knowledge. You need look no further for a talented groomer and exemplary mentor, he’s got it all.

  • Natasha Mc cann

    Highly recommended!

  • Fern Gresty

    Highly recommended!

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