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A touch of kindness, patience and a little time... my recipe for a good groom.
Spotlight Registered: 8 December 2019
Email: raymondfoster194@btinternet.com
Booking Line: 07876571170

Canine Kind Dog Grooming

Over two years

Mattishall, Norfolk

About me

I have enjoyed a varied career pathway, nursing, teaching, running a small business and now dog grooming: something I wish I had considered much sooner.   

Dogs are amazing companions and every one an individual. 

 As my business name suggests, my aim is kindness in my work and subsequently I provide a patient, one to one grooming service focussing on the individual dog and their specific needs. 

I am a passionate supporter of dog rescue and because of my deep love of terriers I do all I can to support Terrier SOS uk .



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