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About me

About my business:

Being surrounded by dogs is a dream that has been realised for me. I am very fortunate to be able to groom from my purpose built home studio, offering a quiet, relaxing environment in which I can offer customers dogs first class care and attention, working one-2-one from bathing and prepping, to final finished trim.

Over 25 years of hands on experience, I still enjoying learning and love the range of equipment, supplies and tutorials that are ever evolving to help me create a unique, taylor-made experience for your dog.

Customer communication is of paramount importance. To ensure an excellent groom, I offer free advice and 30 min education slots to all new customers, to discuss coat maintenance between professional grooms, as well as chatting about the type of ‘look’ they are wanting to achieve, encouraging a good working relationship whilst also giving the owners the opportunity to see how and where I work, and the natural products I use.

Note: books are currently closed.

About me:

My own four legged family consists of seven delightful girls, which take up all of my ‘spare’ time. I show three of my Bedlington Terriers which means I am regularly at championship shows. This gives me the opportunity to talk to breeders/showers of all breeds and get the fine detail information on certain trims.

My love of dogs definitely comes from my Mum, and grooming is in the blood as my grandfather was also a dog groomer!

I grew up around Airedale Terriers - I’m a Terrier girl through and through, but grooming gives me the chance to handle and get to know a wide variety of breeds across the groups, and it is always a pleasure to do so.

For the past four years I have helped organise the Bedlington Terrier stand at 'Discover Dogs’  and I host a grooming tips and advice stand for ‘Mila’s Fund’ at their annual funday, a charity dedicated to supporting Bedlington Terriers and Bedlington crossbreeds in need of veterinary assistance. 



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