Linda Riley (56)
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Hi my name is Linda I have over 30 years experience in dog grooming ,I work from home to which I've converted my garage into a groom room with a successful small business . I did have 12 years rest from grooming and was a manager in retail but also lived in Italy for 10 years so I do speak fluent Italian as well . I woke up one morning and decided to return to dog grooming so I had my mind set and goals .I knew that dog grooming had really changed styles products equipment e.t.c. Since the 1980's, so decided to update my skills and keep up with the times . In the year 2017 I achieved my dog grooming diploma to which I'm very proud as nothing is to late achieve I also learnt to drive in that time . I decided to convert my garage into a groom room and have bought all the latest equipments to make my grooming more efficient and safer environment for my dogs .i offer one to one grooming which I enjoy better as I work at my own pace as I'm a great believer in work life balance .ive worked in a busy salon and trained people many moons ago but I found it very stressful indeed. So at my own pace I enjoy it better and never get burnt out Iam always going to seminars and dog grooming shows which is very important for your education . I've met some wonderful people on my travels and seen some fantastic grooms at shows . Iam very passionate about my work and proud at 53 opening a buisness as your never too late to learn .x



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  • Kathryn Mary

    Our westie loves coming to Linda and he leaves a happy and handsome dog

  • Linda Riley

    Ty kathryn x

  • Shelly Watkins

    Been taking Benji to Linda since I've had him, and wouldn't go anywhere else x

  • Linda Riley

    Ty shelly

  • Eirlys Brooke

    Our Buster is a very nervous little dog but he’s fine with Linda she’s very patient with him, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. xx

  • Joan Humphreys

    Findlay has been going to Linda for his pamper for such a long time . He is a nervous dog but Linda has such a way with dogs and connects with them all. How she manages to cut round Findlay’s head and ears amazes me as he doesn’t like his face being touched.

  • Linda Riley

    Thank u everyone for your recommendations and comments x

  • Kathryn Smith

    Top quality dog groomer! Highly recommend.

  • Pam Metcalfe

    Our Luna adores her and Linda is a top quality groomer. We highly recommend. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  • Claire Jones

    Tilly's tail never stops wagging when she arrives at Linda's . Always does a fab job !

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