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I longed for a dog throughout my childhood, to my shame, I would sometimes steal someone’s beloved pet from my local shops pleading they were strays much to my mothers horror (All dogs were expediently returned to their owners whilst I gave a tearful apology)
I finally got my wish at the age of 11 when my parents bought a German Shepherd dog to guard our pub. He was my shadow and my best friend.
I fell into grooming whilst studying at college. From weekend work in kennels I also helped out in their busy grooming parlour and it was here that my plans went out the window and I decided to train as a groomer.
I learnt my trade at a busy chain of North London salons and went on to manage. It was here I was encouraged to take the City & Guilds in dog grooming and also to compete in grooming competitions. I was Young Groomer of the Year in 1989 and was placed in various other competitions over the years.
I took time out to travel to Greece and spent some months grooming for the late Maya Zambicos, a fantastic groomer and international competition judge, in Athens.
I decided to become self employed and have been now for many years downsizing from a salon shop to working from home when I had my children.
I love my job and although I’ve slowed down a bit now I enjoy being able to work one to one in a peaceful environment where I can specialise in nervous/elderly/problem dogs.
From my first Shepherd I went on to have three more over the years and then was gifted a Standard Poodle and I fell in love with the breed and had to have another one. At present we share our home with a beautiful Greek rescue crossbreed and a very demanding chihuahua.


  • Ruth Bunker

    Always a pleasure, thank you

  • Annie Nutkins

    Ruth has groomed two dogs for me. Oscar, an 8yr old schnauzer who was nervous and nippy, and Albus, also a schnauzer who was a young puppy when he first experienced being groomed. Oscar was much calmer by the end of the session as Ruth took time with him and teased out any tangles. Albus loves going to see Ruth and always leaves her looking very handsome. I would highly recommend her.

  • Gillian Voyse

    Grooming Ruby my long coated GSD was becoming very tedious and almost taking the whole weekend with a muzzle on. She didn't like it and she knew that I didn't either !! After a session with Ruth (No muzzle required) she looked the best she ever had after a bath.... Thank you again, and for all the tips too A1 Groomer !

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