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About me

K9 Divine Dog Grooming opened it's doors in 2017 in the heart of Framlingham, but I have actually been grooming since 2004. I have always had a passion for animals since a very young age, spending most weekends on my grandparents small holding helping to care for the wide range of animals they kept there.

In 2004 I started out my grooming career bathing and drying dogs to a very high standard and slowly worked my way up from there. I can still remember the first time i was given a pair of scissor to trim a cocker spaniels foot. I started with trimming feet until I had mastered a full range of clipping, scissoring and hand-stripping skills for all the common breeds and modified pet stylings needed. After spending 2 years at that salon I joined a dog grooming salon based in Framlingham as the manageress and head groomer for over 7 years before opening K9 Divine Dog Groomers in 2017.

As well as being a trained dog groomer I am also a trained and qualified aromatherapist so I'm able to pick beautiful natural products to help relax and sooth your dog while they are being groomed, including a wonderfully relaxing massage to help rejuvenate their coats and ease aching muscles.

Over the years I have had a chance to partake in some amazing opportunities.

I was asked to star on the dog training series Dog Borstal and was able to groom a beautiful Old English Sheep Dog who was there for boot camp training. Once I had got over my nerves of having the camera crew in the salon with me I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The dear dog took it all in her stride while I was still a little star struck by the end.

I think it is very important to stay up to date with new grooming techniques and I like to partake in as many grooming events and seminars each year to stay current with new and improved products and grooming methods as well as staying up to date with current trends.

Each year I try and attend as many seminars and events as possible to continue gaining further knowledge in my field. I have been lucky enough to attend talks hosted by some of the top groomers not just from the UK but from around the globe.



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  • Yazmin Nash

    bryony is fab!! I've been in many times and every single time I do, I witness the love and passion she has for her job and every single dog that enters. Not only does she do a fantastic job and every dog looks and smells amazing after, she's a lovely lady and I'd trust her with any of my dogs! Would Highly recommend and would not go to any other groomer. (She also lives an hour away but WELL worth it!!)

  • Oliver Mullins

    Been many times with our Ben, its a very relaxing environment the best bit is you don't have to worry about a thing I can have a coffee and a good natter whilst I wait which as a regular customer I am looked after very well. The lady that runs the establishment Bryony is very friendly and also offers great advice and can also supply grooming accessories as well as dog treats and other little bits, so as well as having the dog groomed I can look at the accessories on sale. When Ben is finished having his groom he comes back and looks so fresh and smells beautiful so all in all this place is fantastic give it a try.

  • Laura Astbury

    Highly recommend! Lovely clean environment! Friendly and always does the job to perfection! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

  • Sophie Cox

    I would highly recommend k9 they are amazing, I’m always very pleased with Alfie he always looks lovely and smells so nice too. Staff always very welcoming. Never a problem when your running late to collect. Couldn’t thank you enough. Xxx

  • fionnuala morgan

    My spaniel loves going there as its such a lovely place .... with lots of treats and love there is her fave place. I cant believe how white she is when she comes home.. I love how she smells. Bryony is so patient when she trims her feet as Darcy is a rescue and has great difficulty with this. Brilliant

  • Dawn Hollings

    I would definitely recommend taking your dog to visit Bryony. A relaxing calm environment for any size dog. My Yorkshire Terrier and Golden Retriever both love it, one for all the lovely treats and the other for the game of ball he plays after his groom. Free parking just outside the shop is an added bonus especially on rainy days.

  • Bex McCauley

    Bryony or 'Auntie Bryony' as my two boys know her as, is an amazing dog groomer, my two miniature schnauzer brothers love going to see auntie Bryony (knowing full well they will get a treat and a cuddle throughout there pamper groom)! I came to Bryony after going to another groomer and them not doing a very good job of either of them, Bryony fixed the awful job the groomer before had done and ever since we haven't looked back! Her grooming salon is so beautiful with the added extra woofins in the shop aswel! We always get compliments about there hair cut - many people wishing there schnauzer had a similar cut!

  • Caroline Bray

    I highly recommend Bryony at K9 Divine Grooming ..Archie my Norfolk Cross loves going and if ever I have a question about anything dog related I always message Bryony first..I trust her..when I took Archie life his booster injections last year the vet wanted to give Archie a general anaesthetic to clean his teeth at £200! I was really unsure and didn’t want to do an unnecessary procedure contacted Bryony to ask for advice ..she asked me to send a pic of Archie’s teeth ..went to see her a few days later and she used an ultrasonic brush anaesthetic needed and a fraction of the price ..Bryony is some who you can trust implicitly and the dogs just love her ..I wouldn’t take my dog any where else the facilities they have are amazing and parking in the courtyard is a great bonus

  • Kerry Jordan

    I have been bringing my cocker spaniel to see Bryony ever since I moved to Suffolk 6years ago. Always a pleasant experience for both Bailey and myself. I have often asked Bryony"s opinion over the years and her advise has always been spot on. Would recommend Bryony and her lovely team to anyone.

  • David Frostick

    Wonderful groomer. As a first-time dog owner, I was quite nervous to hand over our beloved Rick (Mini Schnauzer) at 4 months, but Bryony was AMAZING. Great environment and a really great experience for Rick. Its become the highlight of the month!

  • Jean Leatherdale

    Bryony and her team are absolutely amazing. We are very happy taking our two standard poodles to her, and they always come out looking fabulous. And just as importantly, they are always very happy to go to see her!

  • Jennifer Townsend

    As a first time dog owner, Bryony and the team have been brilliant, being very understanding about my puppy's nervousness, and taking the time to to discuss various things on each visit. My puppy is always happy to see Bryony, and looks and smells fab afterwards.

  • Julie Bayfield

    K9 Divine Grooming run by Byrony is very professional. The salon is clean and has a warm, friendly welcome. My dog is a nervous customer but he always leaves there not only looking and smelling great, but happy and calm too. As a dog owner I feel comfortable leaving my dog there to be groomed and have faith and trust that the staff are professional, caring, and have very good knowledge and experience.

  • Irene Mehigan

    Bryony loves dogs and you can tell that from the photos. All the dogs look very happy and the grooming is done to a very high standard. The salon is roomy and very dog friendly so they enjoy the experience so the owners are happy and are confident when leaving their dogs.

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