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Notes from the Travelling Cotswold Groomer - Introduction
Hi, i’m Kate from Cottage Canine Grooming! I am a fully qualified level 3 groomer (working towards level 4) and I set up my Winchcombe based business 14 years ago.
I’m just starting an exciting new chapter in my life and career. Without going into too much detail, this year for me has been one of my more challenging years in my life (including the loss of Tink all my friends no she was the special girl is in my life). If I'm to learn anything from the past few months it’s that life is too short to have ambitions, dreams and a burning fire inside you to do something but be too chicken to grab life by the horns and make it happen. So here I am turning what has been a hugely negative time in my life into something rewarding and positive to me, and my much loved business and dog grooming industry in general.
Why am I writing this blog? Well, I'm hitting the road for a month as the Travelling Cotswold Groomer.
I’ve arranged for my customers to be cared for well in my absence and I'm going to travel the length of the country working for and with inspiration groomers and businesses that in my eyes stand out from the crowd ie. Spotlight members


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